Flexible and versatile organisational charts for ASP.NET using
Org Chart Component.

Organisation Chart Component - Interactive Demonstrations

Below you'll see a simple demonstration of the Org Chart at work. If you scroll down further you'll find a complete list of demonstration pages featuring the more advanced functionality that the component has to offer. The demonstration site can be downloaded here and is a valuable resource when starting development of an organisation chart based application.

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Quick Demo of the Organisation Chart (Above): Click the arrow in the Org Chart to navigate through Organisation levels:

Title of Demonstration Demo Site Link
New! Multi-parent Org Chart: Demonstrates capability of the org chart to allow items to have multiple parents
New! Drag and Drop Org Chart: Demonstrates the built in drag and drop functionality
Simple Styling: A basic organisation chart. Use the drop down list to change the presentation.
Using events: Using events to modify the output of a chart. The page designer has bound to events to adjust the rendering of the nodes on a per node basis.
Using templates: Using templates to modify the output of a chart.
A simple yet functional organisation chart application: Allows the users to navigate up and down the organisation and demonstrates some of the drawing features of the Organisation Chart Component.
Other Properties: A page allowing the user to set some of the other properties that have not been used within the previous demonstrations.
Large amount of nodes: Demonstrating that the Organisation Chart Component can comfortably cope with several thousand nodes, automatically producing a cross-platform html organisational chart.
Assistant Rendering: The Organisation Chart Component supports the rendering of assistants.
Command bar functionality: A demonstration of the command bar functionality supported by the component.
Inline Editing: Inline Editing an OrgChart
jQuery Integration: A Simple Demonstration using jQuery With the Org Chart Component.
Excel Export Function: Demonstrates the Org Chart Components facility to export to Excel
Searching The Organisation Chart: Demonstrates the built in search capabilities of the org chart component